2 Poems by Dustin Pickering

We Are Free

Each attempt to love
leaves a scar, and
an empty breakfast table.
The heat will not let me go,
my body is the clown of it.
I am a nightmask,
horror's relevant kiss, this streak of satisfaction that love's technology
grants the lover.
I am free to give love,
though it rejects me.
A cynic fresh from questions
I do not love you as the courts
love mischief.
I love you as the judge loves justice.
Let us go, set my people free!
The vast abyss, open to decaying voids,
these words are depths of the heart.
Let it go, let it be, either way we are free.


Intuition is the way life dreams

without plan.
Whose mind is split without
the constant renewal of time?
The oceanic feeling--
these blank powers of existence.
I test my heart with a sorrowing leap,
and I surrender my title to the damned.
Every day I strain my poems
to make this incense fester like a corpse.